The principles that rule my heart and head when it comes to leading my purpose led fine art furniture design business


The power of art is immeasurable. At the core of my values is artistry; respecting the skill, the time and dedication that true artistry both dictates and celebrates.

I continuously invest in my skill as an artist and creative expressionist. Not just from a technical perspective but embracing everything around me that inspires and adds dimension to my imagination so that I can translate your vision into furniture designs that delight your senses.

Whether it is a bespoke canvas commission, an upholstery project or a vintage furniture transformation, I lovingly paint imagination in with every brush stroke, so that you are guaranteed an authentically unique and original design that is just for you.

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I believe that nature is incredible and should be nurtured in every way possible. The appreciation of all things delicate and free are integral to my brand.

I make it a daily practice to get out into nature. To breathe, to see, feel, hear, smell and touch. To engage all of my senses and connect with the earth. This fills my cup. 

By working with vintage furniture I actively reduce the burden on nature from excessive production and waste too.


I care deeply about the preservation of nature, the preservation of craft as a culture and our planet as a whole.

I put sustainability at the heart of my decision making making active decisions to reduce the burden on the environment and make intentional commitments for the planet. 

This extends beyond just upcycling old furniture, but includes my approach to travel, waste, suppliers, water usage and supporting my overall community.

"Andi has just delivered another beautiful commission...

What was a plain white chest of drawers and a mirror is now a stunning work of art which will take pride of place in our new home. This is the 3rd commission we have worked on together. (when I say we, Andi has been behind all the creativity and I’ve just picked a colour here and there!) and our house is filled with her extraordinary talent and vision.

Andi’s communication each step of the way, attention to detail and aftercare are just some of the reasons I keep going back and we’re already in talks about future commissions.”

- Sheena Beale


Character is everything! I strive to capture character in every element on every single commission I work with so that you discover a dimension to your piece every time you look at it. 

Each furniture commission that I get the privilege to work on is a true journey of discovery to ensure I incorporate the fun and personality of every character that makes a home in your home.


My mission is to not only captivate you with my imagination and artistry, but to delight you with the most incredible service that I can offer. 

From the initial design consultation to the delivery and installation of your commissions, I work tirelessly to ensure that your total satisfaction is a minimum, and your sheer delight is a pleasure. 

I am so grateful for the recognition given to my customer service through testimonials, google reviews and Etsy recommendations – it really fuels the fire to know that going the extra mile is so appreciated.


A brand without integrity is like a dressing table with 3 legs – you may be able to prop it up, but it will always be wobbly and will invariably fall over. 

Integrity to me is about doing the right thing with openness, honesty, transparency at all times – and keeping you as my clients at the core of my purpose. 

Maintaining integrity with design is also key to this – I wont sacrifice my values to create something not in line with my ethos and style, but I will happily signpost people to the right creators for their ideal solution!

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