The Life Of An Artist – My May

Life Of An Artist May

The Life Of An Artist – My May

Well that’s May complete and as I sit back to think about my experiences, I’ve realised that May is a very special time of year. One of new beginnings, with an abundance of flowering plants and trees and birds of all types building nests and raising their young, it’s just so full of life.

But what caught my eye this month? Well first of all, and I did leave you with a bit of a teaser in my last journal, we have our yearly visitors back to the owl box. Not owls (we keep hoping), but equally as exciting! Back for their 5th year in a row are the Kestrels and I love them! We avidly sit in the garden waiting for them to swoop out of the box, or swoop back in with their latest catch. They’re so entertaining, with their aerial acrobatics and the loud calls they make to each other. And once the babies are hatched, the noise increases to a level that’s really rather staggering. It amazes me how something so small can create so much noise. We always feel so lucky to be able to experience this and happy that we’ve provided a safe place for these beautiful birds to raise their young.

My walks this month have been as wonderful as ever and even longer due to the beautiful weather here in Lincolnshire. I’ve wandered across the wolds and into the nature reserves of South Elkington, out onto the lanes and into the fields, where you can see as far as the horizon. I’ve seen hares as they dart along the edge of the crops and swifts soaring and swirling into the air. And even sat and watched a cheeky little bluetit flying in and out of its nest in an old cast iron gatepost, do see the video of this on my insta. All in all, it’s been a glorious month, one of wondrous wildlife and long sunny days.

In the studio...

In the studio this month, I really haven’t had as much time to paint as I would’ve liked. I’ve completed the yellow wagtail cabinet (apart from the drawer pulls which I’m still waiting for) and started a painting of a Tawney owl on board (I’m manifesting for the owl box!), which is taking shape beautifully. I’ve also been planning my next piece, where I’m going back to my roots. I just can’t resist a vintage dressing table, they really have my heart. As for the design, my moodboards are all about bright colours and the late spring birds and flowers. So expect a riot of beautiful things. Creating these designs is what it’s all about and I love that there are no restrictions, I can choose to paint anything that inspires me. It’s knowing when to stop that’s the hard part!

So the dressing table’s prepped, the important but not very glamorous part, and all ready for painting. More often than not though, I’ve already chosen a colour scheme (if it’s not a commission) and everything evolves from there. Although I plan my designs, it’s still very fluid, as the inspiration just flows continually. It’s the artist’s way I guess. So more updates to come on this in next month’s journal.

Alongside all of this I’ve added another two journal articles to my website. First off was “Why choose a professional furniture artist for your vintage project which goes through some handy tips and explains the process and secondly “The artful charm of painted bird furniture in home interiors” which highlights the beauty and character this style can bring to your home. So do take a look to find out more. And also watch out for my upcoming articles, where I continue to discuss the beauty of nature, art and interior design.

So all in all, May’s been a productive month, where I’ve been able to concentrate on a number of business related things. And to hopefully add some value along the way. I’ve loved my time both outdoors and in the studio too, with the promise of more time out in nature next month. I might even take the crew to the beach. It’s crazy really, I’m a 15 minute drive away from the beach and rarely go! I guess I’m just a fields and country lanes kind of gal, plus, all that sand!! Mr Buds brings most of the beach home with him and the Boxers go bonkers!! It’s definitely an outing that requires careful planning! Baths all round when I get them home!

So what’s in store for June? Well my summer birds inspired dressing table for one! I can hear it calling out to me and it’s being pretty insistent. Plus an update on the Kestrels, I’m pretty sure the babies will be putting in an appearance, which is always exciting. I must try and get some pics to share. It’s never very easy though, as the owl box is so high up in the air! But I’ll try my best. Then there’s my lovely country walks, where I’ll enjoy the increase in wildflowers, from poppies and cornflowers, to the pretty little daisies. There’s definitely something for everyone in my little corner of Lincolnshire, it really is the most beautiful place to live. So have an amazing June and tune in for more stories from the studio next month.

Much love, Andi xx

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