The Life Of An Artist – My April

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The Life Of An Artist - My April

I absolutely love April as it marks the very middle of springtime and brings with it the emergence of bluebells and lush green leaves. There’s just so much to celebrate at this time of year, from the busy garden birds collecting twigs and fuff (Mr Buds always donates plenty of hair to the cause), to longer, brighter days. April has it all for me. My walks feature new birds, insects and wildflowers, all competing for my attention. Which makes these walks just that little bit longer, as I can`t help but stop to breathe in the scents of the flowers and feel the warmth of the sun. And with the flowers and sunshine come the fluffy little bees, all busy flitting from one flower to the next. At this time of year they particularly love the little white flowers of the nettle plant and delightfully yellow cowslips. April is just so abundant with new life, it’s always a joy!

In the studio...

In the studio this month, I’ve taken inspiration from one of my recent blog articles, all about summer styling where I decided to celebrate everything yellow. So the resulting design features delicate yellow Forsythias and a trio of yellow wagtails. All combined to bring about the transformation of a 1950’s Queen Anne style cabinet.

As it’s nearly finished, below is just a little peek at how the design is coming together. And I simply love how the soft yellow tones of the forsythia flowers weave their way across and around the little yellow wagtails. It’s just so very pretty when teamed with the periwinkle blue background and shimmery accents of gold.

hand painted bird vintage dresser

The design is, as ever, hand painted in my own unique style. With colours, subject and scale all taken into account. I always plan my designs very carefully as the colours and composition are key elements of the process and are never underestimated. As is character, which may sound strange, but if you look closely at my birds each one of them has a unique character; an expression. I like to think their little faces are the most important part, because it’s this that sets them apart. I want you to wonder, as you reach out to touch them, if they might just fly away.


Keep an eye out for further updates on this piece as it will very soon be in my shop and available to buy. Just imagine how beautiful this will look in your home, simply perfection!

The Artful Charm of Painted Bird Furniture in Home Interiors

Family is a very important part of my life and April, as ever, delivered some happy family times throughout the month. But unfortunately it also brought some sad times too, as we had to say a difficult goodbye to one of our own. Little Mishka, who was my lovely Mums little old dog, sadly passed away on the 30th of April. At nearly 16 and my Mums constant companion for all those years, it’s been a very difficult time for us all. But they never leave us do they, as they stay in our hearts forever. Goodnight and godbless little Mishka.

So what’s in store for May. Well I’m planning on lots more walks of course! Where I’ll be getting all that inspiration in abundance, so who knows what my next design might be. There’s also some yearly visitors who nest in our owl box every year, without fail and they’re back! So I’ll be sharing more about that too. Plus No Mow May, is shaping up to become a permanent fixture here at the studio, or is that my husband just being lazy! Either way have a wonderful May, whatever your plans are and tune in for more from the studio next month.

Much love, Andi xx

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