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”  A dream of summertime, with colours of the season, both bright and glorious”

This gorgeous upcycled dressing table set, is not only beautiful, it’s rather special too. Created in collaboration with a wonderful British homeware brand, Olenka Design, this piece offers individuality, a gorgeous array of colours and a wonderful style. It speaks of warm summer days and fun times, with its bright pink and vibrant greens. It has an abundance of charm and will make the most perfect addition to your cottagecore interior styled bedroom.

Just imagine waking up every morning, you glance across your room, to see the light softly filtering through the window. The birds are singing and the day is coming alivewith a softness only summer can bring. And your beautiful dressing table is there, bathed in the light from the window, with its stunning colours and statement style. What a wonderful way to start the day.

The design is called Raspberry Sage and is a stunning example of both glorious colour and stunning design. Olenka design just love to explore the connections between the past and the present, with modern colour palettes and a nod to traditional design. And it’s this ethos that really inspired my use of their design for this stunning dressing table. As the connections between past and present and nature and design, are very close to my heart.

As for the dressing table set itself, it’s a gorgeous 1950’s example of a Queen Anne style and in true 1950’s fashion, it’s beautifully made. With sweeping curves and slender legs, it offers style in abundance, without any effort at all. And I just know you’ll absolutely love it. But no dressing table set is ever complete without a stool and this stool is understandably, rather special too. Sourced specifically to match the beautiful dressing table, it’s also a 1950’s original too and as such, effortlessly mirrors the style. Fully renovated and reupholstered, it boasts a colourful new finish and complimentary velvet fabric. And with the final addition of a little fancy trim, it offers a very stylish place to sit.

Key Features

  • Vintage 1950’s style: Classic kidney shape design, with cabriole legs offering timeless appeal
  • Bespoke decoupaged design: Exclusive design created in collaboration with leading homeware brand Olenka design
  • Custom mixed bright sage green overall colour: Offering a bright and elegant look
  • 5 functional drawers: Ample storage for all your makeup and other essentials
  • Large single mirror: Offers the perfect view for getting ready
  • Matching vintage upholstered stool: Both elegant and comfortable
  • High quality materials: Dovetail joints and handcrafted carpentry ensure durability
  • Sustainable choice: Upcycled furniture promotes eco-friendly living
  • Replacement drawer pulls: Adds a little extra elegance to the overall design

More reasons to love this piece

  • Will add a glorious touch of colour to your interior space
  • One of a kind design you won’t find anywhere else
  • Provides ample storage and functionality
  • Removable mirror to allow easy shipping and delivery
  • High quality finish ensures long lasting beauty
  • Complementary care pack





This dressing table set is perfect for:

  • Nature lovers: Bring the beauty of nature into your bedroom space
  • Vintage enthusiasts: Appreciate the timeless elegance of the design
  • Those seeking a unique vintage furniture design: Own a piece that’s truly one of a kind

Ready to own a piece of history?

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