Painted Furniture Trends for 2024

Dressing Table Green Finches

Painted Furniture Trends for 2024

Home decor trends are constantly moving and changing, but as these different trends come and go, reflecting your personality into your interior space will always remain constant. And it’s really no different when it comes to the future of painted furniture trends of 2024. So as you look to make changes to your interior style, you must also look at the furniture that will inhabit it too. Adding a little bit of style and comfort to your home has never been easier than now.  And with the predictions for painted furniture trends 2024, you can also have a little fun with it too. 

So if you’ve been searching for a little insight into the upcoming painted furniture styles to watch out for, you’ll definitely appreciate this list. As it’ll give you a good idea of what’s to come and how painted furniture trends 2024 could influence the future of your interior style. So if you love the idea of a Hellenistic revival style, or can imagine how well a little bit of whimsy could bring your space to life. Read on and immerse yourself in the possible. Afterall, your home needs to reflect the most authentic you and what better way to do this, than through your furniture.

Upcoming painted furniture trends of 2024

1. A little bit of whimsy

Adding a little bit of whimsy into your interior through painted furniture that uses beautiful pastel shades incorporating soft pale greens, blues and lavenders like you see in this gorgeous dressing table with mirror will be a big trend for 2024.

Dressing Table Green Finches

To bring out the detail and artistry in this piece, it is best complemented with dark richer colours such as purple, or teal. You shouldn’t be afraid to move away from neutral coloured furniture when you are looking to create a whimsical aesthetic with your interior. Also think about teaming with complementary patterns in wallpapers or soft furnishings. Don’t be afraid to make your furniture the star of the show when it comes to making a statement in your room. You can keep the walls and floors neutral and let the furniture do the talking.

2. Multifunctional furniture

A big trend for 2024 is versatility. Painted furniture that gives you options in your home to make the most of your space. If you are looking to downsize or repurpose a space then having furniture which can accommodate your changing needs will mean that you don’t need to compromise on your living environment. For example, a desk that doubles as your dressing table, or a bureau that incorporates display space, storage space and a desk. There are so many ways that you can make your furniture work hard in your room – but also look beautiful.  Some of our favourite multi tasking furniture options that you can incorporate beautiful painted designs onto are:

  • Drop leaf tables – perfect when your living room is also your dining room and office!
  • Ottoman coffee tables – so good for storage when you want a more minimalist vibe
  • Coffee table footstools – no slapping away your feet off the table here!
  • Chairs as lamp tables – just be careful here with the health and safety aspect!

3. Hellenistic revival

2024 is going to see a revival of Hellenistic style – and the maximalist styling of this Greek styling is just wonderful! Think Greek styled opulence with ornate trims and decorative mouldings to create that overall historical aesthetic. Mythical decor/patterns will look incredible with decoupage details or seen in fabrics, with that bougie feminine touch that screams luxury and fanciful living. This interior trend is perfect for those looking to create a totally luxe interior space. To incorporate this into your furniture you could explore ornately painted styles for your sideboards, dressing tables and console tables. 

4. Heritage design

The resurgence of chintzy florals is here for 2024 and is perfect for incorporating onto furniture design. Strong colour palettes and chinoiserie designs in keeping with the unique style of their era (we love Georgian and Edwardian styles for their delicacy, but the strength and boldness of Victorian and more contemporary eras is equally stunning). 

In terms of painted furniture, expect to see historical patterns and prints incorporated into furniture designs with bold patterns and dramatic colours that bring out the details of the ornately carved furniture. Incorporating faux (and real) marble finishes that not just maintain but bring out the character of vintage pieces (something that I am incredibly passionate about), and celebrate craftsman made pieces. 

This trend for 2024 brings back the joy of unique furniture that is not homogenous and mass produced, inspired by iconic and historic houses and their interior styling, such as the beautiful Osborne House built in 1851 for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the art deco masterpiece that is Blackwell House.

5. French country luxe

This very classic, yet relaxed style pays homage to those wonderful rustic French country chateaus. Think of furniture that can be painted in soft, washed out colours, but for 2024 it’s been brought up to date with delicate blues, chalky neutrals and soft greens rather than just white washes and greys. 

This laid back style is perfect for celebrating texture in your furniture, where chalk paints accentuate the carved and ornate details in an understated way, and little details such as delicate hand painted flowers to drawer fronts and across table tops. For beautiful French fabrics and wallpapers take a look at Pierre Frey for the ultimate inspiration.

french country interiors 2024

6. Furniture with a folklore feel

Offering self expression at its best, the folklore feel trend is all about fantasy artwork with vibrant and colourful designs – with mushrooms, or shroom core, features heavily in this aesthetic. You can really let your imagination run wild with this interior trend – with
everything from bold nature inspired pattern to more whimsical designs. This is a beautiful trend to think about a bespoke commission from one of my naked furniture pieces that I have available.

7. Casually comfortable

This is bringing out the best of furniture with a lived in feel. Think comfortable reupholstered lounge chairs with complimentary painted feet and an overall warmth that makes you want to sink into the comfort. This is a style trend for 2024 that is more intentional, that cherishes the softness and cosy envelope that home provides. Characterised by oversized pieces of furniture that are functional, where nothing matches, creating an eclectic mix of different pieces for a casual feel that is welcoming and oozes solace and creating that home sanctuary.

8. Modern shabby chic

The modern shabby chic trend is back for 2024 and we are loving the resurgence of an old favourite aesthetic that puts vintage at the centre of the concept. For furniture that gives the illusion of a lived in charm and perfectly imperfect finishes, this trend for painted furniture has been brought bang up to date through not using white and grey shades but elevating the look with softer shades of green, blue and even mauve.

This look is always amazing when teamed with floral prints, but this time around, geometrics are in focus too. To create the ultimate look, team that perfectly shabby chic sideboard with a contrasting and stark metal lamp to add a different dimension to the look. Don’t be afraid to let your eclectic style shine through – and embrace the cracks, scruffs and patina for the modern shabby chic to really come to life in your home.

9. Chairs are back!

Set to become huge in 2024, chairs are taking centre stage. Historically, chairs were generally bought for a purpose (to sit on!), but they’ll soon be in our interiors just because they are a fabulous colour, or shape . Vintage chairs are set to be painted in an array of the seasons on trend colours, teamed with fabulous prints, from fun florals, to gorgeous geometrics.

Hand painted designs on chairs will also become a “thing”. Where once ordinary and somewhere to take a seat, they‘re now set to take a prime spot in your interior styling. From mid century clean lines, to delicate Edwardian elegance, chairs offer something for everyone. We are very excited for this trend – and for the exciting developments with Andi Gregg Art that will really apply to this trend…

10. The continued return of repair

With the rise of sustainability not showing any sign of slowing down, repairing and reusing looks set to continue for some time to come. The emphasis on vintage reimagined furniture is huge and 2024 really is the year to embrace this, if you haven’t already. Vintage furniture reimagined into contemporary styles continues to be a very popular choice, with consumers preferring to take a more conscious approach to styling their homes.

Painted vintage furniture in 2024 will take on an even bigger role in our future interior styling. So will remain a very popular choice, where we’ll continue to find beauty in everything it has to offer.

The scope for imagination in painted furniture trends of 2024

So there you have it, a colourfully eclectic round up of what to expect in the world of painted
furniture across the next 12 months and beyond. As ever, there is a huge array of choice,
with a suggestion of colour and design, all tied up in a neat little modern shabby chic bow.
However, never lose sight of your own imagination, or perhaps, if you’ve been inspired,
there’s a fabulous furniture project out there, just waiting for you – so let’s get started.

Either way, choosing to follow a more sustainable route is front and centre of our minds and the painted furniture trends 2024 offers a perfect way to achieve this. So get inspired by reimagining furniture you already own, or transform a room by adding that statement piece of furniture. You’ll definitely be happy that you did and so will your interior.

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