Life of an Artist – My September

Greens field, trees and blue skies

Life of an Artist - My september

So the year is marching along, with September now done and Autumn underway, it’ll be Christmas before we know it!! But even with the prospect of Christmas on the horizon, I must admit that Autumn is possibly my most favourite time of year. I love the changing colours and the way the green leaves slowly turn to differing shades of orange and brown. The way they then fall to the ground in a rustling carpet of colour, it never gets old for me. So in honour of the approaching autumn and for my monthly poem, I was going to write all about the changing of the season. But as I sat down to write, I got a bit of a shock which changed my mind. As out of nowhere a huge and incredibly hairy spider ran straight at me! Reminding me that it was spider home invasion time again, where our “favourite” eight legged friends take up residence in our baths and kitchen sinks. Which is definitely something I don’t enjoy about this time of year! But nevertheless, it did inspire me, giving me the subject for September’s poem. Apologies in advance if you are a little phobic! But here goes!

From where I began


Eight legs far apart

Running wild

In the dark


Can you see me

Maybe not

But I am there

In that same spot


I’m in the bath

I’m on the wall

Running fast

I never fall


Now will you save me

From my fate

Of stuck in the bath

Where I sit and wait


You gather me up

And put me outside

Where I run away quick

To find somewhere to hide


But I’ll be back

As I always am

Sat in my corner

From where I began


So please be kind

As I mean you no harm

I’m just living my life

With my own unique charm

Spider Plant Image

Connecting with nature in September

Well hopefully my poem wasn’t too “hairy” for you and you appreciate my choice of image! I’m also hoping it showed our house spiders in a bit of a different light too. Here’s to my catch and release programme, just make sure you have a large glass handy, as these spiders do seem to be getting bigger!

Well that’s enough spider talk and onto creatures of another kind, with a quick look at somewhere I’ve visited many times over the years. Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve is a beautiful stretch of unspoilt coastline which runs from the edge of Skegness out to the wash. It’s a lovely place to visit and I like to go at various times of the year, as you see different birds and coastal wildflowers each time you go. In September though, you are going to see an array of bird life from Oystercatchers to Grey Plovers and even the very first Redwings that arrive at the beginning of Autumn. You may only think of amusement parks and caravans when you think of Skegness, but you’d be surprised at the amount of unspoilt coastline there is. It’s an area of natural beauty, you just have to leave the bright lights and follow the coastline away to the south. You will not be disappointed!

In the Studio

It’s been a busy time, as ever, here in the studio, with new designs and a few new pieces arriving too. It’s been a month of planning and admin too, which definitely aren’t as sexy as creating my beautiful pieces, but a necessary part of running a creative business. On my website I’ve created a couple of new blog articles for my journal, which I always enjoy doing. So if you have a spare few minutes, do pop across and have a read Andi Gregg Art Blog Articles. There is a really lovely collection of articles on there, which I’ve written over the past few months. It’s always so lovely to take topics like, Cottagecore styling, or finding your perfect vintage dressing table and to take the mystery out of them. Ultimately it’ll help you to make those all important choices for your home interiors and let’s face it, it’s never easy is it. 

So as October is now in full swing, I’m looking forward to cuddling up as the weather gets colder. There’ll be wooly jumpers in the workshop soon and the woodburner will be warming me up in the evening. I must admit that I do love the colder days, especially as they become crisp with that first frost of the season. Oh and I’ll be heading up to Scotland again towards the end of the month, so I’ll no doubt be sharing some more on that. I could take pictures and videos all day long, so watch out for more on that in my next diary offering.

Cosy room with wood burning stove

Well that looks like it for September, it really went by so quickly! With spider shenanigans and bird watching at Gibraltar Point, it didn’t disappoint. Although It’s funny really, as I didn’t actually realise that I have a routine for the months as they pass by, but I do. I imagine you’re the same, as we’re all creatures of habit I guess, much like the spiders that invade our homes at the same time every year! And the lovely little Redwings that migrate to our warmer shores every Autumn. As the seasons change, so do we, as do the creatures all around us. This is what I love about nature and I guess it’s  what inspires me to create. Nature never fails to make every day a special one, you just have to take a quiet moment to appreciate it. 


If you want to find out what’s up next, just keep an eye out for my next diary offering. Or why not follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out, I’ll see you there!

Much love

Andi xx

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