Life of an Artist – My June

Life of an Artist – My June

Flying high above the world
Rising, falling, twisting twirl
With a joy in motion, a freedom in flight
She’s light as air and dark as night
Dart, soar, glide and fall
She owns the skies, she owns it all
So look to the sky, look to the air
Look for her swirling, look for her there
For she is a swift and she is the light
Taking strength from her freedom and
Joy from her flight

Well the months really do feel as if they’re marching along don’t they and I cannot believe that June is just about over. But June it was and with July now peeking its head around the corner, I’m already focused on what’s coming up.So to find out how my June shaped up and what’s been happening here in the studio, do read on and join me in a little reflection.

Here in the countryside, each and every month brings with it changes. Changes to the landscape, changes to the creatures you’re likely to see and of course to the weather. So by the beautiful Lincolnshire coast we’ve seen the arrival of swifts, an abundance of hares and someextremely sunny days. All of which have led to long evening walks with my crazy, energetic dogs and time to just sit and reflect. I love these times as they are music for the soul. Time to plan, plot and mull over all aspects of life, which is never a bad thing, right. For me each month brings with it an opportunity to lose myself in the beauty of nature and most importantly, to share this with you in the creativity it inspires. And for this month I couldn’t help but start my journal with a poem all about the swifts I see when walking in the fields behind my cottage. They’re so beautiful and really funny. But sometimes they dive so close, it’s as if they’re going to touch you!

In other news, our Kestrels have definitely been busy, but sadly there were no babies this year, which was very disappointing and quite possibly due to a lack of voles (their main food source). Hopefully this will be a one off occurrence though and not a sign of things to come, as environments continue to change due to environmental factors. In any case, we’ll have the owl boxed cleaned and ready for their return next year and keep our fingers crossed for a bumper vole harvest (poor little voles!).

In the studio…..

So what’s been happening in the studio this month. Well first of all I’ve got a rather exciting exclusive for you! It’s been in the planning stage for a while, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and Andi Gregg Art is about to add to its repertoire. So if you love my designs and I hope you do, you’ll very soon be able to purchase a range of soft furnishings and homewares. All with my delicate nature inspired illustrations. From cushions, to upholstered pieces and eventually, everything in between. I’m beyond excited to see my designs come to life in this way and will be sharing all about it on my socials. So watch out for this and as always, I’d love to know your thoughts.

For me though, my designs will always still feature on my vintage furniture, but it’s been really lovely looking at my illustrations in a completely different way. Actually thinking about this new opportunity has been wonderful. I really can’t wait to share more.

As for furniture (and my passion!) I’ve had quite a few new pieces arrive in the studio and as always, there are lots of beautiful vintage dressing tables too. So there’ll be some lovely, available to commission pieces, available on my website very soon. Plus, my summer inspired dressing table along with a rather lovely upholstery project too. So it’s all happening here!

And finally, my latest Blog articles and there’s been a few. Such as my Painted Furniture Trends for 2024 article and two rather exciting guest blog articles too. One of which has just been published, which you can find here. The other, is pending, but I’ll update you very soon. It was, however, lovely collaborating with other like minded business owners and being able to reach out to their audiences. Rachel of Little Flowers by Sligo is a very talented artist and her work is simply beautiful. We definitely share a passion for all things nature and watercolour. So it was wonderful to be included into her world.

Anyway, that’s everything updated for now and I’m looking forward to what July has in store. As ever, I’ll be out and about in nature, getting inspiration and dreaming up new designs. So stay tuned for more stories from the studio next month.

Much love

Andi xx

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