Life of an Artist – My July

Life Of An Artist - My July

Life of an Artist – My July

I Reach out a Hand

Wings of lace
You fly to me
You never touch
But I can see
Your velvet sheen
Your vibrant hue
With a joyful grace
And a spirit true
Lacey white
With orange tip
I love the way
You whirl and dip
I reach out a hand
But you skip away
Fluid as air
And bright as day
Your colours dance
As you bob and weave
Into the air
And down to the leaves
You make me smile
It’s very true
You brighten my day
By just being you
So always stay true
And fly by my side
To follow our path
My beautiful guide

Well that’s July done and I actually cannot believe how quickly this year seems to be passing. It only seems like a moment ago that I was singing Auld Lang Syne! But here we are heading into August already and getting ready for our summer holidays.

As I did for June I thought I’d start by sharing another poem I wrote whilst out wandering along the lanes. It’s at times like these that my mind always wanders too. So when I’m thinking I’m usually dreaming up a poem and this one, inspired by the many butterflies I see, is my little tribute to their beauty. So I hope it makes you smile!

So, anyway, let’s talk about July and everything it had to offer, which was rather a lot if I’m honest. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster month, that’s for sure, but eventful is never boring, is it? So to find out all about my rollercoaster of a month, do read on and join me in a little reflection.

So my July, well first of all it rained and then it rained again. I’ve never seen as much rain! My garden looks so lush and green though, but I just haven’t got enough time in the day to keep up with all the weeds. It seems like a constant round of weeding, it really does. And so far, the rain just continues to fall, which means soggy dog walks full of mud and a house full of muddy boots and paws. We still love our walks though, come rain or shine, they always happen here. We just contend with the muddy aftermath in the best way possible, with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good rub down with a fluffy towel (the dogs, not me!!). Let’s hope that August is a little kinder when it comes to the weather and the sun finds its way back from wherever it’s been hiding.

If you remember me talking last month about the kestrels in the owl box, well this month has been a bit of an animal month too. But this time it’s been all about the cats (in complete contrast!). And not my cats either. No, this time it was a little abandoned cat who’d decided to have her litter of kittens in our woodshed. And of course, being the animal lover that I am, I’ve been caring for them all ever since. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a ride though, as one of the kittens became very ill and we sadly lost him. But the other two, after a trip to the vet are now doing well, growing bigger and eating everything in sight. Mama cat, who even after 4 weeks, still doesn’t trust me completely, will be staying here with us as a new family member, which seems only right. So we have Little Jimmy, Tiny Dot and mama, who we’ve called Clemmie, our lovely little feline family.

Anyway, my July has, for the most part, been taken up with kitten care, weeding and painting of course. Plus a few other exciting things which, if you read on, I’ll tell you all about!

In the studio

Together with a lot of prep for an upcoming project, there’ve been some rather exciting things happening here in the studio this July. First of all was the introduction of the initial items into my new interiors collection. Which was a real landmark moment for me, as I’ve been planning this for a while and to finally see it come to life, was really rather special. So the first items I’ve introduced are my cushion cover collection and they are an initial set of three designs. All based on the yellow wagtail cabinet design I created earlier this year. But, excitingly these are just the first in a number of upcoming collections. All will feature my signature birds and floral/leaves, but each design will be a little different in terms of colour. Meaning there will definitely be something for every interior design taste and style! I will also be creating some beautiful furniture pieces too, inspired by and using my fabric designs. I’m really excited to show you and tell you more about this as it develops.

Another exciting thing happening here in the studio is a rather wonderful collaboration. After a lovely chat with the fabulously talented Olga Shevchenko, artist and founder at Olenka Designs a British homeware brand who create the most beautiful wallpaper and fabric designs. I’ve been lucky enough to choose one of their fabulous wallpaper designs to create a decoupage art styled vintage dressing table set. The stunningly beautiful design (which I’ll be sharing very soon!), celebrates the beauty of Russian craft heritage and is inspired by the iconic Khokhloma art, a traditional painting style. You can see an array of beautiful designs on their website here or over on social media on Instagram @olenkawallpaper. Do pop across and delight in the wonders of all the beautiful fabrics and wallpapers. There’s just so much glorious colour!

Being able to create a piece of furniture that celebrates this wonderfully iconic style is such a privilege. And I cannot wait to share more as it progresses. A meeting of two artists in this way is what art is all about and for me a wonderful opportunity. So if you haven’t already followed me over on my socials, now’s the time to do it, as I’ll be sharing the process as it develops and you really don’t want to miss it!

So that pretty much sums up my July, which went from a muddy rain soaked event, to a beautiful meeting up of creative minds. Add to that a bundle of kittens and a crazy weed filled garden and you have one eventful month indeed! In fact, it’s never a dull moment here in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. But, do you know what, that’s exactly the way I like it.

Join me next time to find out more about the kittens and collaborations and just maybe, I’ll have a couple of beautiful new creations to show you.

Much love

Andi xx

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