Life as an Artist – My Autumn, a Beginning to Winter and a Wonderful Christmas

Life as an artist my Autumn

Life of an artist - my autumn, a beginning to winter and a wonderful christmas

Well it’s been a really busy few months and the result is, I’ve definitely dropped the ball on my journal entries, So to put things right, I’ve decided to write a compilation of months, covering the highs and the lows of what’s been happening.

As always and not to change things too much, I’m starting off with a poem. This time it reflects climate change and the very real risk it poses to rural areas such as mine. With the terrible weather of recent weeks, the river Steeping in Wainfleet has reached a critical level on more than one occasion. Causing significant worry amongst the local residents, who in the not so distant past experienced the most catastrophic flooding when the river burst its banks, sending torrents of water cascading into the village. With houses and businesses flooded, it was a terrifying time for all concerned and something, which is now, never far from our minds.

And the rain keeps on falling

It’s raining
The sky is grey
And the BBC weather says
It’ll rain all day

But the ground is heavy
It’s full of mud
And the rain keeps on falling
This doesn’t look good

As dark clouds gather
With an ominous air
All I can do, is just
Sit and stare

It’s happened before
When the rivers too full
It rises and rises
Until there’s no lull

When it laps at the banks
Rising up to the edge
But it won’t flood again
Was their resounding pledge

Then little by little
And lap by lap
The water finds ways
In every small gap

It covers the lanes
It covers the fields
With a forceful advance
It’s power it wields

But why, not again
Not now, not now!
Just please stop the rain
Is our cry and our vow

Then the clouds drift away
With a softness that’s clear
Away to the light
They’re no longer so near

As the climate amends
Its force and its grip
It’s a fear just like this
That will force us to trip

So please do your bit
For the sake of our land
And be mindful of this
As you now understand

As you can imagine from my poem the rain has definitely brought a few challenges over the past few weeks, so I’m now really hoping for some sunny days. Plus, it might give my boots time to dry out! In all honesty though, I’ve never seen so much rain. It really has been a circle of mud! Muddy boots, muddy dogs, muddy floors! The holy trinity of mud! So roll on Spring, we need you.

So other than the biblical rain, another rather big change at Andi Gregg Art, was the addition of a new family member. This time, in the form of a tiny 7 week old abandoned kitten, who we’ve named Cricket and she’s turning out to be the naughtiest, yet cuddliest little creature ever. It hasn’t all been cuddles and love though, as she was so very poorly when I found her wandering up the middle of our lane. Her eyes were completely shut due to infection, so she couldn’t even see where she was going. It was heartbreaking, but needless to say, I scooped her up and brought her home, where she warmed up, ate a little food and went off to see our lovely vet. She’s still not out of the woods yet, but hopefully we’re getting there. It’s just going to take lots of love, time and vet visits!

Out in nature

There haven’t been as many excursions out into nature these past months as I would’ve liked. Mostly due to the horrible weather, but also having a very sick tiny kitten to look after, has also brought its challenges. But we did, however, manage a week away in Scotland at the end of October. I call it our yearly (sometimes bi-yearly) pilgrimage and it always, without fail, blows away the cobwebs and resets those batteries. I never get tired of the stunning Scottish scenery, the smell of the pine forests and the lapping of the ocean. And the dogs love it too, I love to watch them playing on the beach, chasing a ball and digging their way to Australia! There’s simply nothing better, especially when it involves an after-walk hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and marshmallows! Now what could be better than that. 

An absolute highlight of our trip this time though, was our visit to Eilean Donan Castle, the one you will have seen in so many films. Situated proudly standing on its own little island, it dates back to the 13th century. It’s amazing to think that it was completely destroyed back in 1719 by English government troops. Then rebuilt centuries later over a period of twenty years, being finally completed back in 1932. Its history is fascinating and it’s well worth a visit if you ever find yourself on the Kyle of Lochalsh, It’s also a beautiful area to visit too.

With all the wet weather though, I really haven’t been out in nature as much as I would have liked, plus, when you’re trying to stay upright on a slippery field, bird watching is not your main priority! But nevertheless, Christmas definitely made up for it, as a few days away with family in Yorkshire, was just what I needed. With walks, food (far too much!) and of course the odd glass of wine (it would’ve been rude not to!), it went by far too quickly. On the subject of walks, one of our favourite Yorkshire walks, is one we take every time we go and it never disappoints. So if you’re ever in Haworth, birthplace of the Bronte sisters, do check out The Railway Children’s Walk. It meanders around some beautiful countryside, whilst running partially along the Worth Valley Railway Line where the Railway Children films were set. Plus a wander into Haworth afterwards is a must to enjoy the quaint little shops and partake of a refreshment or two. And on our visit, as it was Christmas Eve, we were spoilt with Christmas Carols, mince pies and lots of yummy mulled wine! We left feeling extra Christmassy (if that’s even a word!) and even more ready for the festivities ahead. 

So not very much in the way of nature these past couple of months, but it’s never far away. At least not when you hold the beauty of nature in your heart, as it inspires you every day. 

in the studio

Work and life in the studio never stops and that’s just the way I like it. With pieces coming in and going out regularly, it’s always busy! There have been several items winging their way across the country, to various different locations, which is always lovely. Being able to work with clients from all over the UK is one of the favourite parts of what I do. And as we do like to deliver personally, wherever possible, I love it that I get to meet everyone in person too. So if you’re planning on having you’re own Andi Gregg Art piece created soon, we’ll probably get a chance to have a good old chat in person too, now wouldn’t that be lovely.

I’ve also been in full on design mode too, spending time researching lots of ideas for a whole range of new creations. Both furniture and otherwise. So do watch out for these and keep on following along to find out more. I do love looking at different ways of using my art, being able to bring it into your home in a variety of ways. Art really does have a way of getting into your heart and soul and it’s this that I love to share.

So what’s coming up? Well I’m working on a rather special collaboration piece that I’ll be able to share more about by the end of the month. It’s extra special too because it’s a dressing table set, which are my absolute favourites, so I’m very excited to show you the design. Another special feature is my first use of a new paint brand, Victory Colours (do check out their beautiful eco-conscious paints) for this project. And to make it extra, extra special, it’s a custom mixed colour too, so not available off the peg. I did have a little chuckle at the name on the can though, it’s Andi Gregg Green! And it’s the best green around, for sure! Anyway, there’ll be lots more about that over on my Instagram if you’d like to follow along to see how it takes shape.

Well that’s me for now and what a few weeks it’s been. From holiday adventures in Scotland, to rescuing tiny abandoned kittens, life is never boring! With a wonderful Christmas, with its Railway Children Walk, mulled wine and mince pies, it was really magical. But being with family made it all the more special, where we laughed, watched Home Alone (for the 100th time) and fell asleep on the sofa. It’s what Christmas is all about for me, the simple things, the family things. But it’s now full steam ahead into another new year and just like the Railway Children, I’m going to make sure this train doesn’t run away with me. There’s lots I want to achieve this year, but it’s one step at a time and that way everything will get done! But for now, there’s a can of paint with my name on it, literally! Andi Gregg Green, I’m ready for you!

Much love

Andi xx

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