Life of An Artist – My August

Life of An Artist - My August

Life of An Artist - My August

Well it’s that time again, so I hope you’re ready for another offering from my artist’s diary. This time it’s August’s turn, with a little insight into the highs and lows of this last month. 

But first of all I’ll start as always with a poem which I’ve written to reflect the beautiful month of August. One of long sunny days and beautiful woodland walks, both enjoyable in so many different ways. If there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed this last month though, it’s sitting quietly in the fields watching a pair of buzzards as they circle and soar above me. I can honestly lose hours just watching them, they’re so beautiful. So my poem honours these beautiful birds and how they never fail to draw me into their world.

For a moment in time


As still as a statue

As still as night

A stretch of the wings

And a push into flight


Catching a thermal

Gliding on high

With a twist of her head

And a glint in her eye


Feathers are sleek

As she soars through the air

Up to the clouds

Where she waits with a stare


She circles above

With a dip of her wing

Flexing her talons

Her diving begins 


She cuts through the air

In a silent descent

With her eyes fixed below

On a target that’s meant


She’s focused

She’s fast

She’s intent on her prize

As a beautiful buzzard

For her life she must fly


For a moment in time

With a twist she returns

And a lucky escape

The mouse it has learned


So upwards she climbs

Until a speck in the sky

She circles above

Gliding on high

Connecting with nature in August

August is always such a busy time of year for nature, as fruits ripen and some of our beautiful birds get ready to leave for warmer climes. August is there to provide everything nature needs. With apple trees ladened with juicy apples and blackberry branches weighed down by the weight of a bumper harvest. There’s just so much to experience in the countryside all around us at this time of year.

So here in beautiful Lincolnshire, we are home to a very diverse range of species, from emperor moths, to buzzards and muntjac deer. There are so many to encounter.  A particular favourite of mine has to be the water vole though, which is under serious threat due to habitat loss. And counts Lincolnshire as one of its last remaining strongholds. I don’t know for sure if there are any living along our stretch of the river Steeping, but I’d love to think there are.

Having sat and thought about all the countryside creatures I love, another favourite has to be the Barn owl, which I see regularly around the edges of the fields around my cottage. They sometimes venture into the garden too, which is always wonderful to see! If only I was quick enough with my camera, there’d be some incredible shots.

Anyway, now for a bit of news about the menagerie and first off, the little abandoned cat and kittens that I told you about in July’s diary. Well they continued to do really well and the kittens left for their forever home at the end of this month. They’ve both stayed together, which is lovely and what’s even better is their new home is with my sister. So I’ll be able to visit them and see them grow up and enjoy their best lives. 

On a rather different note, however, I have a bit of sad news to share too. As very sadly, on the 31st of August I had to say a final goodbye to my beautiful girl Cooper, which was a complete shock. Thankfully she wasn’t poorly for long, so enjoyed being a crazy boxer right up until the end. We were very thankful to be able to plan our last few days with her, which involved a chicken picnic on her favourite field, a short steady walk along the lane and a car ride (her favourite thing to do). I will never forget these last few days and will treasure all the beautiful  memories forever. Give your fur babies an extra cuddle today and send your thoughts to Cooper, now pain free and running like a puppy again over the rainbow bridge.


In the studio

As ever it’s been a busy month here in the studio. With collaborations coming together and new designs in the pipeline. There’s never a quiet moment! As for the collaboration, I can now finally share the stunning Olenka design I have chosen to use, which is a beautiful new design from their 2023 berries collection. Let me introduce you to Raspberry Sage, which has the most beautiful colour palette of raspberry, sage green, a little hint of blue and the gorgeous accent of soft white. All brought together beautifully to bring a vibrant energy and positive vibe into your living space. I’ll be sharing more as the project develops, so do pop across to my socials to follow along on Instagram  @andigreggart . Needless to say the design will elevate this vintage dressing table into something incredibly special and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Other plans include new designs for fabrics and in particular more cushion covers for your interior spaces (do take a look at some of my designs here). I’m so excited to grow this side of Andi Gregg Art as offering my beautiful watercolour designs in a range of  interior options has always been my dream. So do keep an eye out for updates on this as I continue my journey.

Well that’s it for August. It’s been a month of highs and lows, with excitement via my business ventures, but heartbreak on a personal level. It’s funny but life really does seem to ebb and flow doesn’t it. One minute you’re flying high, just like the buzzards I love to watch, then the next, along comes a challenge you have to face. But I guess, that’s just the way life is, with the secret being to face the challenges head on and keep moving forward. So onwards towards the next adventure I’ll go. But if you’d like to tag along, just keep an eye out for my next diary to see what September has in store.

Much love

Andi xx

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