The Life Of An Artist – My March

Meet The Artist March

The Life Of An Artist - My March

March is the month that spring emerges from its habitation, when colour starts to pop up and the air feels crisp. The warmth of the sun can finally be felt on the skin and the days begin to lengthen so that we can enjoy the wonderment of nature. A time to breathe, to soak it in. Unless you are hampered by an ankle injury like I have! 

As March concludes I am pleased to say that my energy levels are returning as my ankle heals, and I am finally looking forward to the longer days and warmer temperatures. 

In the studio...

In the studio I have been working on a beautiful project to restore and bring to life a pair of mid century bedside cabinets. 

Below is a little glimpse of the finally finished results (it’s taken a while!). They are colourful, cheery and just ever so pretty!

I have of course hand painted my favourite garden birds. Who are captured sitting amongst the foliage of a Hawthorn tree. Where they sit in the sunshine, singing in the start of a new day.

Every illustrated piece I create has its own story to tell and it’s this that makes them unique. Not mass produced and never run of the mill. Just beautiful, individual and bespoke.

For me, spring represents an opportunity to embrace nature in a refreshed way, bring the outside in and embrace the clocks jumping forward to allow the hours to gloriously stretch. 

Do you feel like March and the emergence of Spring is the perfect opportunity for a declutter and refresh? I definitely do, and I am working on giving the workshop a spring clean so that I can embark on those next exciting projects that will bring your home interior to life. 

I have also created a new article on the burgeoning trend for Hipstoric home style for you to enjoy – if you haven’t heard of it before then you need to check it out as it is huge for 2023 and a style that I am completely in love with.

I have just come back from a wonderful week away which was so restorative and calming – and I have come back more ready than ever for a wonderful spring in the workshop.

This April I am looking forward to long walks with the pups, watching brand new lambs frolicking in the fields as patient Mama Ewes overlook their brood, and enjoying Easter with my family. What are your plans? I hope they are extraordinary – whatever that looks like to you 

Much love,

Andi xx

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