Life as an Artist – My January

My life as an artist January

Life as an Artist - My january

I think there’s a reason why January is the longest month, or at least it always feels like it is. Well it’s definitely not my favourite and I’m pretty sure you probably agree. But we can’t get away from it can we and at least that’s another one done. So, I survived the cold, the dark and the horrible weather for another year and with Spring now on the horizon, things are definitely looking up. 

So other than having a little moan about how long, cold and dark January is, it’s actually been a pretty good month. The workshop’s been busy, with plenty of enquiries and I’m definitely moving forward with a spring in my step. So January, I’ve probably been a little unkind, I guess you’re not that bad after all.

But moving swiftly on, it’s time for this month’s poem and it was a hard task really, as I just couldn’t decide on a theme for January. Did I write about cold dismal January days and the perpetual rain, or focus on something a little more, well, less dark! So I decided less dark was the way to go and in homage to January, that beacon of cold wintery days, I’ve gone for the positives this first month of the year delivers. So January, this is for you!

Champagne, loud fireworks and beer!

As we see in a new year
We forget there’s a first
A start to the year
And sometimes the worst

But let’s not forget
The first month of the year
As it sweeps in with champagne,
loud fireworks and beer

We say “happy New Year”
And sing Auld Lang Syne
Then dance and count bell chimes
One clang at a time

But as the new year arrives and 
comes into its own
With a list of resolutions
That we all set in stone

So was it dry January
Did you choose to leave meat
Or perhaps join a gym
Or some other such feat

You see, all of these things
Are January’s gift
Plus cold dark nights
Where no spirits will lift

But it’s not all it seems
As January’s sly
It’s the month of beginnings
If you’ll only just try

So shake those resolves
Now January’s done
And look forward to spring
With it’s flowers and sun



My life as an artist January

So thank you January for your resolutions, your new beginnings and your focus on the future. As the next 11 months are not possible without you. At least that’s how I plan to now look at January, every single year. Plus, apparently the weather in the first 12 days of January maps out the weather for the next 12 months. Well that doesn’t sound too great then, as it looks like 12 months of rain here in Lincolnshire! and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in need of some spring sunshine. 

Out in Nature

Out in nature, I’ve actually had some really lovely walks throughout January. From wild windswept beaches to the muddy lanes, I’ve enjoyed them all. I’ve really tried to keep going and not to let those dismal days stop me. Plus, the dogs don’t know the difference, they’re happy to go out in all weathers, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve definitely been sponsored by wet weather gear inc. though. But what is it that they say, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing! Well considering that January saw me channelling my best Sherpa Tenzing, I think I nailed it! Just need a few sunny days now, so my boots can dry out!

In the studio

Normally, January tends to be a bit of a quieter month. As you recover from Christmas and try to get back into some kind of routine. So there’s generally a little time to catch up, re-group and get planning for the first quarter. But not this January, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind! Which has been completely amazing. I’ve had several pieces travel to London, including a beautiful chaise longue, that I secretly wanted to keep. It, was lovely seeing them all in situ though and getting time to chat with my lovely clients. So getting on track for the year has been a little delayed and is now in my planner for February. So together with my planning for the year, I’m also full on into my next commission and as ever, I’m loving it! 

Life as an artist my January

One other rather exciting project that came to its conclusion this month, and something that I’ve been excited to share, was my first very beautifully curated gallery wall. A lovey client wanted help transforming a rather drab wall space and needed help transforming it into something rather fabulous. So it was decided that a gallery wall would be the perfect solution. Plus, she had a collection of 1920’s fashionista prints, which were perfect for the project. So I celebrated her collection by carefully framing each one and arranging them into the most beautiful gallery wall, to be enjoyed every day. Taking these prints out of the storage box they’d sat in for many years was just lovely. Seeing them in their frames and elevated to a beautiful focal point, was simply magical. It was very special for my client too, who now has a meaningful gallery of images that bring her joy. Plus, if you check out my Instagram, you’ll see a timelapse of the installation, with me and Mr G at work!

So what’s in store for the next few months. Well actually quite a lot! I have another gallery wall to plan and design, but this time, I’ll be curating all of the images too. So that’s another fun project I’m really looking forward to. There’s also a little upholstery in the planner as well, with a beautiful rattan chair transformation along with some soft furnishings.So together with this and a couple more of my signature dressing table sets, I’m definitely going to be busy. So all in all it’s definitely been a really good start to the year and long may it continue. After all, creating beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork is what it’s all about. It’s my North star and my very reason. 

Life of an artist my January

So January has not only been a long month, it’s been a busy one too. With deliveries to wonderful London and all the fun of a gallery wall. It’s been a month of rain and wet dog walks, where I persevered and still spent time out in nature. Where I recharged those creative batteries and brought new ideas to life. So now, as I head into February and beyond, with Spring is on the horizon, it’s looking good. I can lust see it popping its head over the horizon, with daffodils and snowdrops nodding their heads in my direction. And it looks simply wonderful! But for now, I’ll keep it in sight and take from it all the inspiration I can get!

Much love

Andi xx

If you’d love to start your own journey into nature with your very own bespoke Andi Gregg Art creation, just reach out and let’s chat.

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