Life as an Artist – My February

Andi Gregg Art - Life as an Artist - My February

Life as an Artist - My February

Well that’s February done and didn’t it just fly by. One minute it was January and then the next February was coming to a close. Now where on earth did it go! Maybe it’s because spring is peeking its head over the horizon, or perhaps it’s because the workshop’s been buzzing with activity. Either way, if this carries on I’ll be putting my Christmas tree up before I know it. This month’s theme, however, has been all about looking forward and moving into the next season of the year. 

February can be a strange month, stuck between the excitement of Christmas and the vibrancy of spring. It kind of sits there with a despondent air, waiting for something more exciting to happen. And although this may be true, I do actually enjoy February because it’s right there on the very edge of spring, which I always look forward to with enthusiasm. Plus, February is also Mr G’s birthday month, so we always try and have a few days away too. And as this year was a special birthday (ehm, the big 50!) we spent a few days away with family in Haworth again (one of our favourite places ever!), where we enjoyed his birthday in style, surrounded by family and friends. There was far too much food eaten and definitely one or too glasses of wine, but you’re only 50 once!

Wine and cheese board - Andi Gregg Art My February

So February was particularly enjoyable this year, with celebrations and time spent with family, it wasn’t in the least bit dull. And it really did go by very quickly. So with February over and spring now firmly on the horizon, I thought this month’s poem should be all about the approach of spring and a celebration of how the seasons change.

As spring follows winter

As the seasons change
the year moves on
with a ticking clock
and a time that’s gone

The trees become green
with their leaves all a flutter
I take joy in this change 
with the click of my shutter

With images captured
to celebrate life
my heart fills with joy
as I feel so alive

As each season ends
and another arrives
with it comes sunshine
and nature that thrives

And enjoy it I do
with an endless love
as the seasons and nature
just fit like a glove

So as spring follows winter
and the snowdrops peek through
the grass becomes lush
and the skies become blue

With the sun so warm
caressing my face
I breathe in the air
with a bountiful grace

This never gets old
these seasons of life
but the years leave their mark
on these times we’re alive

So take time as you should
to enjoy every one
from the splendour of spring
to a wintery sun

From the colours of Autumn
and a summer of love
lift up your heart
to a life that is good

in nature

As the poem suggests, I guess this months time in nature was all about an end to winter and the approach of spring. Seeing those first few spring flowers poking their heads up into the sunlight, never gets old. And feeling the warm of the sun doesn’t get old either, as it brings with it a promise of what’s to come. It’s a moving away from those cold dark nights and frosty mornings, as this after all, is springs superpower. And I love it!Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a cold wintry walk, with my breath in the air and my scarf wrapped warmly around me. It does have a certain allure, but spring is always welcome here with its bright colours and its promise of new life. 

So nature this month has been full of my usual walks with Colin and Mr Buds and they’re both definitely full of the joys of spring. It always amazes me how they seem to feel the changing of a season, as if they instinctively know that the cold dark of winter is over. They have a spring in their step as they rush through the grass, bounding and rolling with vigour. I love to see them enjoying life, running with tongues lolling at full tilt, with the biggest doggy smiles ever. It’s a moment in time that we share together, just the three of us wandering across an empty field, with only the trees for company. I love these moments and find them very therapeutic, as well as inspiring, as it’s in these moments that ideas just fill my mind. I guess an empty mind is more receptive to thoughts and inspiration, so this is my time to think, to mull over life. Nature has a way of resetting and renewing if you only let it. And for me this is always so important, as time spent like this is never wasted.

Colin the boxer dog Andi Gregg Art - My Life as an Artist

in the studio

The coming of spring has brought with it wonderful  ideas, beautiful colours and a whole array of inspiration. I’m not too sure what it is, but as soon as I start to see those spring flowers popping up, my imagination goes wild. Perhaps it’s my artists brain assimilating all those colours into images and designs, who knows. But it’s definitely a process which I love. 

So because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time just dreaming up new designs. Something which i really do get lost in for hours, and simply adore. I guess it’s the reason why I love what I do and feel very honoured to do this every day. It feeds my soul! And in tiur it creates beautiful pieces for you and your home. So, as you’ve probably guessed, the studio’s been busy with new designs, commission pieces going home and me just being in the moment and enjoying every second. 

Coming up, however, I do have a rather special piece that’s having an Andi Gregg Art makeover and I can see it going to a very special home, somewhere rather wonderful. I’m not going to give too much away for now, but I’ll definitely be adding updates as I go along. I have included a mood board of my ideas, just as a little teaser., but there’s so much more to come with this idea. I’m honestly so excited! I do love to play with new ideas, to paint and design wonderful pieces which are so unique. And there lies the wonder of painted and vintage, it’ll never be run of the mill, or off the peg. It just doesn’t work like that and that’s exactly how it should be.

So going into March, I have a number of designs to finish, including a beautiful rattan chair, a stunning set of bedsides and a wonderful dressing table. It’s never quiet here in the studio, but that’s exactly how I like it! And thankfully, it looks set to continue into the coming months. So watch out for more updates and do follow my journey over on my Instagram.

Andi Gregg Art - My Life as an Artist

So February has been a good month overall, with special birthdays and watching my gorgeous boys playing in the sunshine (when it appeared!). I think it’s always best to focus on the positives and forget the negatives, such as the fact that this February has been the wettest in living history! So never mind all that, lets move on into March with a spring our step and a lighter heart. And let nature show you the way, because it always will. So look out for the riot of spring flowers, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and watch the gentle breeze caress the lush green grass. It’s in all of these things and so much more and I for one take every moment to soak it all up, because it never ceases to inspire me. So take a moment and just be present, let it wash over you and give you strength. It’s amazing how that moment will make you feel and it’s quiet simple to do. Just pull on those boots, shrug on that jacket and away you go. And you never know, you just be inspired too. In fact there’s no might about it, you most definitely will, then with all those ideas, we can create something beautiful together.

Much love Andi xx

If you’re feeling all inspired after that and would love to have your own Andi Gregg Art creation, then just get in touch and let’s chat. 

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