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If you’ve been searching for the perfect new interior design trends for 2023 and are planning a few upcoming changes to your home, you`re going to love this list. Plus (and this is the best bit), I`ve busted all the jargon for you too! So take a moment, make a coffee and find out a little more about the leading interior design trends for 2023.

In the list I cover the trending must have colours, how sustainability will continue to be huge in interiors and the need to embrace nature. But that’s just a taster, there is so much more to this year than just that. From the weird, to the wonderful, interiors are getting their groove on.

1. Interior Design -Driven by your Personality

There has been a trend over the past few years for more neutral palettes and perfectly curated rooms in our homes. So it’s about time that cosier, more characterful spaces were a fresh new focus. Interior design trends for 2023 are bringing with them a need for warmth and comfort. With rooms that feature personally curated items, unique pieces of art and an eclectic approach to furniture. Vintage items and pieces of furniture really are a key part of this look. So this 2023 design trend looks like it’s going to be a big hit!

2. Sustainable Interior Design

The interior design trends for 2023  do highlight a very important move, one which will continue to take centre stage in our homes for the foreseeable future. The idea of sustainable design isn’t a new one, however, it has continued to grow over time. The fact that many people are now asking “where something was made”, or  “how it was created”, shows how important this really is. Cheaply made and “disposable” furniture is now not an option, with many people being more likely to choose antique and investment pieces instead. This trend is one we should all get behind, as sustainability in our interiors is a long term investment. Plus, it’s kinder to the planet too, something which should, most definitely be embraced.

Take a look at my vintage furniture art designs, never mass produced and always beautiful quality. There may be just the perfect piece for your new 2023 interior makeover.

3. Feminine Florals are Back

The interior design trends of 2023 are bringing florals back, but in a soft and feminine kind of way. Now florals and chinoiserie styles have always been there in the background and never out of place. But how do you use these interior styles in a more modern way, without them looking like a chintzy horror show. Well it’s actually much easier than you may think. So think modern inspired floral wallpapers, works of art, or soft furnishings. Big patterns, bold colours, or even calming colours, are all on trend for the coming year. And let’s face it, with these modern floral designs, you couldn’t be any further away from the florals in your Granny`s sitting room! So why not give it a try.

4. Grounded in Nature

The idea of nature in interiors is something that never really gets old. But the interior design trends of 2023 just take it to another level. So aside from florals (which are of course nature inspired), natural textures are going to feature rather heavily too. The best way to think of this is to imagine soft woollen throws, woven baskets and linen curtains. A design trend which is very inviting, as it’s comforting and homely. Plus it actually flows rather well into the design trend of adding personality to your interiors. As layering colour and adding natural textures is always very individual to you and your taste.

5. Colour Predictions for 2023

Every year the leading paint colour experts from Pantone to Farrow and Ball, reveal their colour predictions for the year’s biggest trends. This current selection, however, does seem a little more varied than usual. On the one hand we`ve got Pantone`s vibrant Viva Magenta and Worth Global Style Networks colour of the year Digital Lavender. Then on the other hand we have pale nude pinks and mossy greens. So I’m guessing, it’s a matter of something for everyone.  And as there’s space in our homes for a spectrum of colours, I’m sure you will embrace this with enthusiasm.

6. Flawsome – Blending the Old and the New

Tipped to be everywhere in the coming year, flawsome interiors are all about pre-loved and upcycled (just in case you were wondering what the heck it was all about!). And I couldn`t be happier! So in a nutshell, flawsome is a celebration of all things imperfect. It’s a classic, timeless heritage style that celebrates the differences and imperfections in everything and everybody. But what it really encourages is individuality, breaking free from the norm and embracing your own unique style. It’s funny really, as trends encourage you to follow the latest style, but flawsome does the opposite. It encourages you to take something imperfect and incorporate it, just because you love it. So flawsome is all things to all people. Anything goes as long as it’s repurposed and re-loved.

7. Dopamine Dressing – Adding a Pop of Colour

Dopamine dressing may sound weird, but it’s another interior trend that’s very much here to stay. With 2023 seeing it as popular as ever. This wonderful trend brings colour into your life and on a cold, grey winters day, it really does brighten up your space. To achieve the look, think bright greens, or blues and golds. Anything that will complement your existing interior. And the great thing about dopamine dressing is that it doesn’t require a complete room makeover to achieve.  Simply try adding mismatched photo frames, colourful wall art, or a pile of brightly coloured cushions. You`ll be amazed at the difference this will make and how great it`ll make you feel.

8. Handcrafted – Conscious Shopping

In 2023 our interiors will need to be more meaningful than ever. With a large emphasis on preserving the beauty of our life on earth. So to reflect this, there is a focus on handcrafted artisan products, designs with global impact. One particular trend is hand thrown pottery, where you can see the impression of the artisan’s hands. With the emphasis being on, not only the individuality of the piece, but also the durability. Which takes us back to sustainability. Buying only what we need, with the intention of the item lasting a lifetime. A wonderful concept of looking after the earth and everyone in it. Ultimately, being more conscious of our shopping habits.

9. Listening Rooms – Musical Spaces

With the current trend of communal living spaces where you spend time as a family, cooking, eating and relaxing. It can be difficult to have a dedicated space for activities, such as listening to, or playing music. So 2023 is highlighting listening rooms, or music rooms. Spaces where you can get away from the distractions of family life and peacefully listen to, or play music. I absolutely love this concept! And listening to music, uninterrupted, is a wonderful thought.

10. Wonderful Windows – Drapes with Style

Drapery, or curtains, are going to be a little bit different in 2023. Forget plain and boring, your curtains are going to take on a whole life of their own. Think fringe trim and scalloped edges with roman blinds and shaped cornices. There is definitely going to be a little bit of drama going on. Ultimately, the individualised style of 2023 is going to add a personalised punch to your windows too. Bringing a theme of elegance into every aspect of your home.

Interior Design Trends of 2023 – from the Weird to the Wonderful

So my list of interior design trends of 2023 promises to bring an interesting mix of ideas. From sustainable handcrafted items, to individualised vintage pieces of furniture. It appears that it’s all happening. But what stands out the most. Well for me it seems to be all about being an individual. Taking your own style and running with it to create an interior space that’s unique to you. So whether you like the timeless elegance of flawsome, or the bright and cheery dopamine dressing, at least you now know what it’s all about.

But most importantly, you do you, some ideas you`ll like, some you won’t and it really doesn’t matter one jot. Afterall, 2023 is also the year of the rabbit, which symbolises peace, elegance and beauty. Something which we can all aspire to, especially in our interiors.

 So if you`d like a little help with choosing that perfect piece of furniture, or artwork for your 2023 interior, just reach out. I offer a full furniture sourcing and design service and am always happy to help.

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