How to take inspiration from garden wildlife and incorporate into your home interior

How to take inspiration from garden wildlife and incorporate into your home interior

How to take inspiration from garden wildlife and incorporate into your home interior

As a self confessed nature lover, I’m always looking at ways to incorporate garden wildlife into my home and interior styling. For me, starting with my garden first by creating a wildlife friendly environment, of bees, bugs and creatures, is always very inspiring. And something which gives me endless pleasure and inspiration for my hand painted artwork.  A good example of this type of garden is the recent creation by Martin Wilson for the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show, his wildlife garden (created in partnership with the RCPCA), demonstrated a stylish modern look, with a focus on creating the perfect wildlife sanctuary. But why stop with your garden when the beauty of incorporating garden wildlife into your home interior too, will add a unique nature inspired feel. 

In this article we will explore the fun and inspiring ways you can incorporate garden wildlife into your home interiors. And as this week is also garden wildlife week, it’s the perfect time to make this the top of your to do list. So below are my top tips for achieving, not only a mini nature reserve in your garden, but a garden wildlife sanctuary in your living room too. Let’s bridge the gap between inside and out and embrace all that nature has to offer and more. 

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How to take inspiration from garden wildlife and incorporate into your home interior

Creating a wildlife garden sanctuary

Creating a wildlife garden sanctuary is the perfect way to encourage wildlife and natural beauty into your space. You’ll create a haven for yourself, as well as the animals and plants that you encourage to inhabit! Here are some ideas on creating a wildlife garden sanctuary:

  • Build a hedgehog highway (leave gaps in fences etc.)
  • Let your grass grow
  • Care for the birds
  • Plant bee friendly plants
  • Dedicate part of your garden to wildflowers
  • Add a source of water
  • Add places for wildlife to shelter
  • Be mindful of any chemicals/treatments etc you use in your garden 


Your outdoor space will become an abundant natural triumph that both you and local wildlife can enjoy and be inspired by every day – and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Introduce tactile textures into your interior

The beauty of garden wildlife is in the textures and shapes created, which you can easily incorporate into your home by using inspiration from the likes of Design Masters Winner Banjo Beale

The beauty of garden wildlife is in the textures and shapes created, which you can easily incorporate into your home by using inspiration from the likes of Design Masters Winner Banjo Beale

Incorporating smooth natural cottons alongside luxurious velvets with the freshness of pure natural linens will give your interior a wonderful softness, especially when combined with woven furnishings such as wicker, seagrass, rattan, jute and cork. 

You can literally bring the outside in by using reclaimed flooring materials such as slate or brick, and by introducing rustic reclaimed wood furniture pieces, or accessorises like organic hand thrown pottery you will be able to add a wildlife garden dimension to your living space that has a completely serene vibe.

Introduce biophilic design elements into your interior design

Biophilic design refers to an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature.  Here are some ways to incorporate biophilic design into your home:

  1. Display plants as a design feature. Shift the mindset from a plant being plonked on top of a dresser and think of design statements that create a cohesive design
  2. Make a statement of outside views by framing your garden in picture windows
  3. Make a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor of your home by utilising bifold doors or french doors which you readily open in the beautiful spring/summer weather 
  4. Choose to use colours seen in nature such as, green, yellow, blue – even if just as accents the subtle use can truly elevate a space.
  5. Look for woodland/garden design prints for fabrics and wallcovering from suppliers like Little Greene who have some truly beautiful examples.

Bring your décor to life with nature themed furniture and accessories

Introducing nature themed furniture and accessories is the most accessible approach when looking for how to take inspiration from garden wildlife and incorporate into your home interior. Ideas to think about:

  • Selecting cushions in nature themed prints, or even an on trend upholstered headboard such as these from Linwood
  • Bring a room to life with whimsical and pretty decorative items – I love these birds from Cox and Cox – so colourful and fun!
  • Utilise homewares in nature inspired designs – who doesn’t love a hedgehog mug, or a bushy tailed squirrel placemat for your kitchen table?!
  • Create a wildlife garden inspired picture gallery – with birds, tiny creatures and bugs to give you constant inspiration. 
  • Invest in a beautiful, bespoke hand painted wildlife designed furniture piece. I love to create garden wildlife inspired designs by commission, so that we can work together to bring your vision of the perfect picture of nature into your unique design

Consider introducing an indoor water feature

These are perfect for a summerhouse or garden room, creating a calming environment which reduces stress, aids sleep and promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing. The principle of feng shui includes indoor water features to attract wealth and prosperity as well as the cleansing properties. 

To incorporate an indoor water feature that adds to your wildlife garden inspired interior look for reclaimed/salvaged items like pots, water spouts and planters. This will provide the most authentic and natural result If you live in a smaller space, then you could consider a tabletop water fountain that will easily achieve a similar result.

Create a Summerhouse

If you are lucky enough to have enough room, why not consider a summerhouse. There are some fabulous options for all budgets that allow you to create an inspirational indoor/outdoor space. To ensure your summerhouse really embraces the wildlife garden aesthetic then consider these points

  • Go for a greenhouse/orangery style if you can for maximum natural light
  • Use brick flooring for natural coolness and energy efficiency.
  • Select upholstered botanical print furniture, textiles, fabrics and rugs of your favourite wildlife
  • Add a potting bench – there is something so magical about the process of potting, you should definitely try it.
  • Create shelving for multiple layers and dimensions to the space.
  • Include artwork of garden wildlife – why not look to commission something truly unique for your space? I would love to help with that!
  • Go wild with plants! Fill your space to the brim with plants to add colour, scent and a clarity for the air – you could even grow vines for the ultimate in statement planting.
  • Use heritage paints such as Farrow and Ball for an authentic finish.

The beauty of incorporating a wildlife garden look into your home interior

The very nature of a wildlife garden is effortlessly beautiful. It’s calming and spiritual, with an abundance of colour and light. So why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this into your interior styling too. Imagine the sensory experience of all those natural textures, such as the warm feel of reclaimed wood and the smooth touch of velvet. Brought together beautifully with images of garden birds and the relaxing sound of trickling water. Your interior really can become a wildlife sanctuary in which you can relax after a stressful day, unwind and just enjoy your surroundings. Afterall, our environment really does affect our mood, so incorporating wildlife inspired elements will promote a feeling of wellbeing. One which will connect both you and your interior to the beauty and freedom of nature. Are you inspired by incorporating wildlife garden into your home interior? I would love to hear your ideas…


Andi xx

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