Styling your home for summer – 7 ideas you’ll love

Styling your home for summer - 7 ideas you’ll love

Styling your home for summer - 7 ideas you’ll love...

As the clocks spring forward and the days become longer, there’s a distinct change in the air. The sun feels warmer and there’s a definite promise of more to come. But what does summer mean to you? Do you love to embrace the coming of a new season, wanting to bring a little bit of its joy into your home. If you do, then I`ve got some wonderful tips on styling your home for summer with 7 ideas you’ll love. And you know what, it’s actually a lot easier than you think…

Now I’m definitely not suggesting that you redecorate every room (although you certainly can if you want!). It’s more about taking a look at each room to see where you can add a little summer sparkle. Or at least that’s the way I see it. Summer really has got a magical pull, from its long sunny days (we can only hope!), to its warm balmy evenings. It’s a time of year that needs to be celebrated, and there’s no better way to do this than bringing this magic into your home. So styling your home for summer is always fun and let’s face it, we all need a little fun in our lives.

Styling your Home for Summer

1: Simplify & Declutter

Leading on from that must do spring clean (my workshop did not enjoy this!). Getting your home ready for summer is just another opportunity to do a little more of that life laundry. But this time in honour of adding some summer sparkle. Firstly before you add to your interior space, you must take a little bit away. So take a good look around each room and remove anything that maybe feels a little dull. Remove clutter, paperwork and anything that has taken up residence somewhere it doesn’t belong. And we’re all guilty of this. Anything that’s still in good condition and no longer needed, box up and send to charity. Clear those decks and prepare your space for its summer makeover. Fling open those windows and let in the light.  I promise you it’ll feel amazing!

2: Fresh Flower Arrangements

Fresh foraged flowers and cuttings are a wonderful way to bring a sense of summer into your home. You can collect a whole host of beautiful grasses and flowers directly from your garden. One fabulous way to do this, which does require a little planning. Is to plant a little wildflower meadow into a small corner of your garden.You could even use planters for this too! It really doesn’t have to be big and it’s very easy to do. Buying packets of grasses and wildflower seed mixes, provides a quick and colourful display in no time at all. And gives you a whole host of flowers and grasses to cut and bring into your home. Together with a lovely vintage jug (I love to use jugs for my flowers), you will have the most beautiful displays all summer long.

3: Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

This is a biggy and a great way to bring a little summer joy into your home. As the outside comes to life with all the beauty of nature, bring a little bit of this inside by choosing botanical prints and bright colours. Think beautiful chinoiserie styling in vivid greens and pinks. Teamed with bright geometric cushions and rugs. This styling never fails to delight. Another fabulous idea, is to practise a bit of tablescaping, by layering pretty patterned tableware, glasses and linens. To create the most wonderful summer tea party.

4: Use lighter fabrics

Summer always makes me think of bright flowers and blue skies, but how can you bring this into your interiors for this season. One good way to do this is to ditch the woolly winter throws and replace them with lighter linen ones. Pick a variety of colours and textures for this. So think open weaves and bright florals, or even pick out an accent colour and go with a bright geometric design. Another lovely option is to choose a coastal theme, using delicate blues, crisp whites and sandy hues.This teams particularly well with white washed furniture, which is a must have for creating this style. And something I can definitely help you with!

5: Personality is key

As with any other season, summer is no different when it comes to adding a little bit of your personality. So think artwork and soft furnishings. Really break out of your comfort zone and allow you inner designer free. Look for beautiful rugs and cushions in colours and patterns that really make you smile. Or another way to achieve this is to revisit all the holiday souvenirs you may have collected. Bright collectables and eclectic souvenirs all add up to an array of interesting items. Which, when displayed, will not only add colour and personality, but also bring back happy memories too.

6: Garden Rooms

As many of us have now added garden rooms into our homes. It just gives you another space to enjoy changing up for summer. Such a flexible space, a garden room can be warm and cosy in the winter and yet bright and cheery in the summer. To achieve a bit of summer styling for your garden room, first of all, if you have  curtaining at the windows, remove them. Then allow the sunshine to fill the space by adding bright coloured, or even simple white voiles. This will make a world of  difference and really open out the space. Next add in bright coloured cushions and throws and an array of large indoor plants. Together with light coloured, or rattan furniture your room will really come back to life.

7. Add a little staycation style

Even if you’ve planned a getaway to far flung shores, you can still enjoy bringing a little bit of a vacation vibe into your interior this summer. So as you’re dreaming of that sun drenched beach, there’s no reason why you can’t add a little bit of sunshine straight away.  So if you’re planning on decorating, add a little bit of yellow. There are so many tones to choose from, so definitely something for everyone and being a happy colour, it’s guaranteed to make you smile. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a full yellow wall either. You can add little pops of colour, yellow curtains, or even yellow furniture (which can really look amazing!). Together with a display of plants and your collection of holiday memorabilia, getting that perfect summer vibe is so much fun.

Styling your home for summer - 7 ideas you’ll love

So there you have it, just a few ideas to help you achieve the perfect summer interior vibe. From fresh flowers to a good old fashioned declutter, just taking action can make all the difference. So swap those heavy winter curtains and allow that gorgeous summer sunshine to flood through. This will completely change the overall feel of your home, lifting your mood and making you smile. It’s amazing how we are influenced by our surroundings. Which is why having a regular change around is good for the soul. And as we approach our good old British summer time, I cannot think of a better time to make this change. So I hope you enjoyed reading through my ideas and that you feel inspired. Wishing you all the best for a fabulous summer for both you and your wonderful home. Let’s connect to talk about your dream interior this summer…

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