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Hipstoric home style looks set to be a very popular trend indeed. Tipped by Pinterest trends for 2023, to take over from the ever popular modern farmhouse style. It has shown up with its eclectic interior style and vintage decor flair. This Pinterest approved trend is going to be everywhere from 2023, so let’s have a look at what it is and how you can achieve it.

The Hipstoric Home Style Concept

I’m pretty certain that you’re always looking at new ways to make your home unique. You don’t want to buy that mass produced item anymore, you want a more individual space. One that demonstrates self expression and more of a connection to the past. Plus, the push for sustainability has made the idea of reusing and upcycling even more appealing. So Hipstoric home style has embraced this concept and is running very fast in your direction. To have you digging out those family treasures you’d forgotten you had and going back in time to your childhood. 

So adding old school charm has never been easier. Plus it allows you to express your personality in a fun and eclectic way. Which never gets old. So if you love the idea of adding a little bit of hipstoric home style to your interior, here are my top 10 tips.

1. Using vintage furniture

One of the very best ways to add a Hipstoric home style to your interior is with vintage furniture. Carefully selected pieces will add a very specific charm to your home. Be that a beautiful dresser for your kitchen, or a stunning dressing table in your bedroom. These pieces are very individual and will always add a unique feel to your interior style. A professional upcycler such as me, can help you by sourcing specific pieces to enhance your home. Taking it from a beautiful space, to a warm and cozy place which is very unique to you.

2. Add vintage decor

In addition to beautiful furniture, there are plenty of other vintage items you can use to create an hipstoric home style. Look for decorative cut glass pieces, mason jars and tin buckets. All of these items can be used just as they are, or even painted to give them a whole new look and feel. Used as display pieces they are great at adding detail to a room. As well as being the perfect solution to those ever present storage issues.

3. Use beautiful textiles

Textiles are another great way to add an hipstoric style to your home: and definitely one of my favourites. Be on the lookout for vintage blankets, quilts and curtains. As all of which can be used to add colour and a unique feel to your room. Another good way to use these, is to create cozy pillows and patchworks, if you are a handy diy’er. If not, once again, a professional upcycler can help you here too. But either way, vintage patterns are very nostalgic, which is the whole point of this style.

4. Use natural elements

An hipstoric home style is very much about adding natural elements. Such as wooden flooring (sourcing reclaimed is an amazing option), stone, or metal. All of these types of materials can be used to create accents, such as a beautiful wooden coffee table, or a rustic tin trunk. Items such as these are wonderful finds and really do make the most unique additions.

5. Keeping it simple

One of the most key aspects of this style is simplicity. Although you may think an hipstoric style is about adding interest by including lots of different items. It’s actually quite the opposite, with the best method being to avoid clutter and to keep your home organised: as this will help to create a sense of calm and relaxation. A blending of the old and the new, it’s as simple as that.

6. Be selective in your choices

When you’re choosing vintage pieces, always be selective. Just because something is old, does not mean that it’s always worth keeping. Look for items that are in good condition, but most importantly, you have to love it! Your pieces need to be meaningful too, without sacrificing their original identity. To remain colourful, eclectic and nostalgic

7. Mix and match

This is the most important aspect of creating this style. So never be afraid to mix and match vintage items with modern pieces. After all, this is the most exciting part about it. Creating an interesting and unique feel to your home, by blending a vintage aesthetic with a more modern vibe.

8. Use what you already have

As well as sourcing some key vintage pieces, you can always reuse what you already have. Which is another plus point for this style and also a tick for your sustainability target too. Look for items that can be changed, so can you paint that old vase, or make those old curtains into a throw. Have a look for those heirloom pieces too and update them using colour, fabrics and fittings. There really are so many ways to create this look, but never rush, just take your time and enjoy.

9. Artwork

Vintage artwork always adds charm. It’s very individual and I usually find that the frames are generally beautiful too. Displaying a collection of vintage art on a wall, creates an interesting space that just draws you in. Also framing a piece of vintage wallpaper, or posters can add a little something extra too. Position this amongst your other pieces to add a wonderful pop of colour. 

10. Remember to have fun!

The most important thing when decorating your home, is to just have fun. After all, there really are no rules, just experimentation. So let your hair down, think about what it is that you love and go for it. Some ideas might not work (I’ve had a few of those!) and some might be inspiring. But either way, you’ll be having fun, even if you have to go back to the beginning. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Hipstoric Home Style – allow your personality to shine

By following the top tips above, you can easily start to include a bit of hipstoric style into your home. Mixing the new and the old and having fun! Vintage pieces have so much to offer, from their uniqueness, to their quirky appeal. And I for one love sourcing them both for my own home and for that of my customers. But just remember to keep it simple and let the vintage pieces speak for themselves. Overall Hipstoric home style is nostalgic and reminds us of times gone by. Allowing us to breathe new life into forgotten objects that might otherwise be discarded. It’s no surprise then that this trend is becoming a firm favourite. As it embraces our future unknown,  whilst still recognising the beauty of the past.

So if you’ve been inspired and would like a little help choosing that perfect piece of furniture for your planned hipstoric interior, just reach out. I offer a full furniture sourcing and design service and am always happy to help.

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