Cottagecore Interior Styling

Cottagecore Interior Styling

Cottagecore interior styling, where cosy meets countryside

Cottagecore interior styling has steadily risen in popularity across the past couple of years and we are more than just a little bit in love with it here in the studio. Recently the cottagecore interior styling trend has gone viral on Tik Tok with huge inteiror influencers embracing this aesthetic and getting a lot of appreciation for the looks they are achieving. So in order to explore the origins of this interior phenomenon, this article will look at the concept of cottagecore, what it isn’t and the ways you can incorporate it into your home. As a trend it’s a little bit like a hug all wrapped up in a shower of rose petals, a nature inspired feast for the senses. Let’s dive in…

What is cottagecore interior styling

“I am excessively fond of a cottage; there is always so much comfort, so much elegance about them”

Jane Austin, Sense and Sensibility

Imagine what life may be like if you lived in a dreamy country cottage in the middle of the British countryside. There’s a riot of colour in the cottage garden and you are surrounded by fields and flower meadows. In the cottage there are cosy low ceilings, a woodburning stove and a host of treasured items carefully displayed in every room. That’s the aesthetic that cottagecore interior styling is trying to recreate, a rooted in nature, homely feel. Where farmhouse meets countryside in a blissful pairing.

Now it doesn’t mean that you can only embrace cottagecore interior styling if you live in an atypical chocolate box cottage, far from it. It’s more about the aesthetic than anything else, the concept of long lost skills and a more sustainable existence. It’s about romanticism, traditional English style and a focus on slow living. A recent example of this was our sudden interest in  baking bread and becoming creative, during the pandemic. Where new pastimes such as knitting, macrame and painting became hot property. So you see, you may have already partaken of a little cottagecore interior styling without even realising it and just maybe, still have your treasured sourdough starter to prove it.

What is cottagecore interior styling​

With your increasingly busy life hurtling along at a rate of knots, the aim of cottagecore is to slow that right down, to make life more meaningful and simple again. And what’s more, it doesn’t just stop with your interiors, cottagecore styling is all encompassing, covering everything from interiors, to fashion, to gardening. So its esthetics are far reaching and rather wonderful!

Cottagecore interior styling - is not shabby chic!

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that this styling concept is simply good old fashioned shabby chic repackaged into a more trendy interior aesthetic. But here’s where that’s not strictly true. Shabby chic, in its true form is all about a worn out, perfectly imperfect style. With the term appearing in the early 1980’s to describe an interior look that featured vintage style with soft, faded finishes. Which cottagecore, with its nature inspired simplicity and conscious use of colour, definitely moves away from. It could, however,  still be argued that cottagecore interior styling does borrow some elements from shabby chic, and it probably does. But it also, rather uniquely, pays homage to a little French country too, with a nod to both its decorating and lifestyle components. Being all about nostalgia, wistful colours in soft pinks and greens and patterns, lots of patterns! Which is something shabby chic rarely explored. So it seems that cottagecore will really offer you a little bit of everything, making your interior styling appear charming and effortless.

Cottagecore interior styling - how it’s done

“I’m beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Interestingly, cottagecore interior styling lends a lot of its recent rise in popularity to the pandemic, as we were faced with a reevaluation of our lifestyle choices; for whatever reason your personal circumstances dictated. One large change that came about, due to this, was a more conscious approach to shopping, one more aligned with our values. And so, charity shop finds and antiquing have become a pastime, as we curate pieces for our home that are unique and definitely not mass produced. But how can you achieve your own little slice of cottagecore heaven? Below I share 6 ways you can achieve this, but beware, always start with a colour palette in mind and be intentional, don’t just throw it all together!

1. Go for florals

Don’t be afraid of the florals and go big! Bold and beautiful florals can provide an amazing focal point in your room. Think curtaining, cushions and wallpaper and everything in between. Introduce lots of pattern in all its forms. You could even add botanical prints to the walls, to embrace the truly eclectic style of this interior trend.  Woodchip and Magnolia have some really beautiful examples of this style in their fabrics and wallpapers 

2. Mix rather than match

This really is the good bit! Taking its lead from the ideas behind maximalism, cottagecore loves to be mixed up a bit. In other words don’t try to match everything up and just enjoy the six different chairs, or the mismatched crockery. It’s ok, this is what it’s all about. So if you’ve got a collection of mismatched plates, or a few different and rather gorgeous botanical prints. You have the start of a cottagecore afternoon tea and a fabulous gallery wall.

3. Sheer voiles for your windows

Voile curtaining is a stylish solution for your windows and a perfect addition to your cottagecore interior. But if you’re imagining the heavy ornate net curtains which graced your grannies windows, this is one thing they are not! It could be argued that they’re a modern day twist on this, which they possibly are. They’ve just been updated to reflect a more elegant feel. But what voiles are best at, is letting the light flood in and creating a delicate focal point to your windows, in true cottagecore styling. I absolutely love these from Voila Voile for example…

4. Add an antique vintage style bed

This can be done in a number of ways and has the ability to elevate your bedroom style to a whole new level. Think vintage bed frames in a wrought iron style, with colourful bed linen, all adding a softness to the overall look. Or even a French inspired bed frame with floral upholstered headboard, adding a splash of colourful elegance. Either way you’ll transform your bedroom into an oasis of cottagecore calm, in the best possible way.

5. Plant a garden

Cottagecore interior styling would never be complete without the physical presence of plants and flowers. Whether that’s within your interior styling, or outside, with the addition of a beautiful flower garden. Now of course, this will not happen overnight, but it’s fun to plan and even more fun to see, when the fruits of your labour start to flourish. Plant wildflowers and herbs such as Rosemary or mint and don’t forget to include some lavender. For that wonderful sprinkling of colour and a beautiful scent.

6. Source one off vintage pieces

Individuality is key to achieving a cottagecore style, with vintage and one off pieces a must. From handcrafted items bought at quaint little craft fairs, to unique and wonderful pieces of one off furniture (which I can definitely help you with if you get in touch)  you can really individualise your space. Don’t be afraid to add lots of personality, with a pop of colour here and some mismatched art there. It’s all very much the aesthetic of this style and one you can really embrace. If you want to get inspired then check out my store which has incredible pieces such as my vintage bird painted dressing table which is available for you to have in your home immediately!

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Cottagecore interior styling - uncover a slower pace of life

So there you have it, an all you need to know guide on how to achieve cottagecore interior styling. It’s all about a country cottage styled way of life, that’s beautifully connected to nature. It’s about reusing items and materials that we already have and being conscious in the buying decisions that we make. It’s about slow living, less consumption, but most of all it’s about celebrating the beauty of nature. Your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, where you feel ultimate peace and tranquility. Well cottagecore offers you all of this and so much more. Afterall, who doesn’t love an interior style that welcomes nature in  and allows you to just be you. All whilst embracing a slower and more sustainable pace of life… which makes me say – sign me up! 

If you’d like to find out more about my bespoke furniture art and start your cottagecore adventure,  just reach out here and let’s chat.


Andi xx

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