Let’s explore the types of furniture design projects that I undertake and what we can achieve for your home interior using the power of nature, art and contemporary design…

dreamy bedrooms & dressing rooms...

Vintage Dressing Tables

“At the dressing table, every woman has a chance to be an artist”

Sophia Loren

Create your dressing table of dreams with a one-off unique design featuring my signature watercolour style.

We will work together to agree a colour palette and textural mood board to visualise your concept, and then I will create your bespoke commission to bring to life the power of nature, art and interior for your home.

upclycing the old to create the new...

Drawers & Cabinets

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually”

John Saladino

Adding a new lease of life to vintage furniture is not just a passion of mine, it is a commitment to preserving the history of our rich culture and our planet. 

Let your imagination go wild and together we can upcycle an item of furniture for your home that reflects your personality perfectly with details that add interest and curiosity forever.

eclectic entertaining

Luxury Drinks Dabinets

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose-coloured glasses of life!”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is nothing that will get a conversation started more at a dinner party than a showstopper drinks cabinet. 

Working together to understand the overall aesthetic you are looking to achieve, the size of your entertaining space (and the size of your booze collection!) we can work together to create that wow factor statement that will be a true focal point of your home.

sumptuous stylish upholstery

Luxury Vintage Upholstery

“Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful”

Rose Tarlow

I have a love affair with fabric that I never intend to end! The power of upholstery in creating the right ambience for your home and showcasing your interior style is unmeasured.

During our consultation I will seek to understand the overall concept for your room, the key pieces that need to co-ordinate and your usage plans so that we can create the perfect statement, just for you.

Current Furniture Available For Commission

I also have a complete sourcing service available if you have a particular style in mind. Simply get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and create a plan!


If you are a lover of the organic representation of my artwork but would prefer to see it on canvas rather than on an item of furniture then I would be delighted to create a custom canvas artwork commission for you. 

Following an immersion to understand your exact requirements, and the setting where the commission is intended to go (or the person it is intended for) I will then lovingly hand paint one of my signature watercolour designs just for you.

We can incorporate as many details as you can imagine, from delicate field mice, to graceful garden birds, resourceful squirrels to luscious leaves.  

Andi Gregg

Meet the Artist...

Each month I update my journal with tales from the workshop and the adventures of Miss Paisley and the gang. 

I love to explore and immerse myself into nature and the creative process as much as possible. 

Come and join me by reading my latest monthly update – new seasons are approaching and the call of the summer can be heard…

"I love my dressing table. The decoration is beautiful and deeply personal. Couldn’t have asked for more!"

- Julia

Take your seat at the inspired by nature table

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